North Platte River fishing 10/12/2021

We look forward in keeping you informed in 2021 on what our guides are seeing on the water.

Upper North Platte

USGS flow in real time @ Northgate LOWcfs and fluctuating

The Skinny

With recent rains and snow in the high country things have improved dramatically.  Flows are back to a more normal level allowing boats to spread out.  Air and water temps have been perfect for fishing.  Hatches at this point are sparse on most days.  On the cloudy days there has been great BWO hatch which is even bringing fish up to the surface.  That will be over shortly as the days get cooler and the nights longer.

Fish are seem to be looking for a bigger meal, streamers, stoneflies, worms and crawdads have all been fishing good.  We should be in for some great fishing for the remainder of the season.

Bugs to float: Caddis, Chubbies, Micro stones, BWO

Bugs to pull:   Thin Mints, olive buggers, orange blossom special, rusty trombone, peanut envy

Bugs to drift:  Stoneflies (pat’s to princes) Midges (zebra, mayhems, ju ju)  annelids( rock and san juan worms) BWO’s (pheasant tail etc, RS2, Mayhems) Cranefly larva


Miracle Mile 500 cfs

Flow in real time

The Skinny

The Mile has been fishing great. Believe it or not the fish even seem bigger this year.  While the Mile is a tail water and not affected as much by air temperature, that does no way mean that the fishing is good all day long.  The morning still seem to be fishing best regardless.  Things have been relatively busy but there is enough water to spread out.  The lake has turned so the water is a pea green.  There has been some floating moss which can affect the fishing.

Bugs to float: N/A

Bugs to pull:   Thin Mints, spiders, goldee etc big bugs seem to be working best on the SWING

Bugs to drift:  Midges (zebra, mayhems, ju ju)  annelids( rock and san juan worms)  scuds(tan, olive, orange)Cranefly larva, Tricos (SBT small black things), Caddis(Graphic, swimming.


Grey Reef 1300cfs

Flow in real time

The Skinny

Summer flows are waning at Greys Reef but are still up.  Higher flows coupled with cooler temps bellow Grey Reef dam make this a great full day option right now.  Caddis and tricos are the main things hatching.  Nymphing and throwing streamers have been productive.  Caddis and tricos are hatching in big numbers bringing fish to the surface.

Bugs to float: Midges (griffiths nat, goober midge)

Bugs to pull: Thin mints, spiders, goldee, Rusty Trombone

Bugs to drift:  Midges (Zebra, mayhem) annelids (san Juan, rock worm), leaches(pine squirrel) , Caddis(soft hackles) Tricos (SBT small black things)