2024 Rates

Our rates are based on the experience level of your guide.
We say it all the time you can’t beat experience.
Our staff is the most experienced on the river bar none.
Full day fishing

Approximately eight hours on the water. Time may vary depending on conditions and client preference.

New Guide and Group Rates (Group trips may include Seasoned guides at a lower price- based on availability of course).

Full day 

Saratoga $650

Above Bennet peak $800

Desert $700

Miracle Mile $700 Shuttle and transportation not included

Miracle Mile $800 Shuttle and transportation included based on availability

Destination trips Reef and Bighorn $700

Seasoned 10 yr Guide Rates

$700 Upper North Platte

$750 Destination Mile, Reef, Bighorn

$800 Above Bennet Peak

Our “new” guys offer as much or more experience than 95% of the guide staff in Wyoming and that percentage is probably even higher on the North Platte River.  All guides are trained in house by our seasoned staff of guides.

Half day-

Saratoga only $600

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Deposit $350 / boat / day

*Gratuity not included typically around 20%

Scenic Half Day Float

$550 (up to 4 people)
*$50 each additional person up to 6 per raft

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Gratuity not included.


Cancellation / Rescheduling / Payment policy: NO Refunds, you may reschedule with notice of two weeks or more.  Full Payment is required two weeks prior to your trip.

*The number of guides we employ and days of the week are finite.   We only hire professional guides, once we put a day on their calendar they expect to be paid.  That being said 100% of deposit  funds goes to the guide.  While Drift absorbs the loss of revenue.


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