Paul Newman


I am a North Platte native raised in Torrington Wyoming, where the North Platte offers far more waterfowl opportunity than trout fishing.   Thanks to may dad I was exposed early to the outdoors taking me goose hunting and fishing.  By my teens I discovered my passion for the outdoors hunting and fly fishing. Chasing birds and fish every chance I got.

I began my fishing guide career as a summer job in my 20s attending the University of Wyoming were I ultimately graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fisheries Management and Biology.    I was lucky to met my wife Katie the same time.  After College we moved to my home town of Torrington, where I guided waterfowl hunts and worked construction and a few fishing trips. I knew I wanted to guide and my wife supported me, so we moved to Saratoga in 2014.  The first year I worked subcontracting fishing trips for other outfitters.  In 2015 Drift was born, and the rest is history.

Now in my late 30s I  split my guide season.  Spending the late fall and winters guiding waterfowl hunters in grain fields along the North Platte River near Torrington.  The rest of the year guiding and operating Drift out of Saratoga.  I  truly love what I do, and the only thing I enjoy more is sharing it with others.