Nate Lee

Nate, Nasty Nate or Nater Dogg,

Grew up in Payson, AZ then moved to compete in wrestling at Boise State University. To escape the stresses of wrestling and the classroom, Nate would sneak to south fork of the Boise River. He then spent four years coaching at University of Northern Colorado, with most of his free time spent on the Cache la Poudre river.

Life eventually took Nate and his wife Mollie, to Rawlins WY where Nate is a teacher, wrestling coach and guides in the summer. This move was largely made for the big waters of the North Platte River.

Nate is a true pleasure to be around and loves to work hard to show his guests a great day on the water.  He delivers an outstanding guiding performance using the wide shouldered structure of a D1 All American wrestler and the patience of a school teacher.  Nate has been with Drift for 5 years.