North Platte River fishing 9/11/23

North Platte River Fishing Report


Upper North Platte

USGS flow in real time @ Northgate 126ish CFS and dropping

@Saratoga 250ish CFS  and dropping National Weather Service Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service

The Skinny

Fishing is good again!  We have cleared up and cooled off.  Fishing is good on all sections, tricos are still going way upstream. Blue wing olives (baetis) are going around town.  There are some fish feeding on the surface.  Dry dropper rigs are prime right now, and the streamer fishing has been pretty good.

Bugs to float: Stoneflies goldens (chubby and other big foam), Caddis (x caddis, elk hair).

Bugs to pull:   Thin Mints, olive buggers, orange blossom special, rusty trombone, peanut envy

Bugs to drift:  Stoneflies (pat’s to princes) Midges (zebra, mayhems, ju ju) Caddis(birds nest, soft hackles, graphic caddis, prince nymph) annelids(rock and san juan worms) PMDs  (soft hackles, pheasant tails, split case)


Miracle Mile 1400ish CFS

Flow in real time

The Skinny

The Mile is fishing well, water temperatures great at the Mile.  While the number of fish we have been catching has not been incredible, we are still catching some great fish.  Lots of them over 20″ strong and healthy. There reservoir has turned over clarity is down but that may be good.  We have been catching most of our fish on worms and annelids and caddis.  Leeches, crawdads and craneflies have also been in play.


Bugs to float: Hoppers caddis and Tricos

Bugs to pull:   Thin Mints, spiders, goldee

Bugs to drift:  Midges (zebra, mayhems, ju ju)  annelids( rock and san juan worms) Caddis( soft hackles, graphic caddis, prince nymphs)

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