North Platte River fishing 5/11/23

North Platte River Fishing Report



Upper North Platte

USGS flow in real time @ Northgate 1200cfs and fluctuating

@Saratoga Frozen cfs  fluctuating daily National Weather Service Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service

The Skinny

Spring has finally sprung.  Due to the amount of snow we had a extremely short window this year for pre runoff fishing.  The river is currently flowing fast cold and dirty.  I do expect things to start fishing over the next few weeks.  We have had some cooler weather and next week could be great.

Bugs to float: Baetis, Caddis soon to come Wont be long till Salmon flies

Bugs to pull:   Thin Mints, olive buggers, orange blossom special, rusty trombone, peanut envy

Bugs to drift:  Stoneflies (pat’s to princes) Midges (zebra, mayhems, ju ju) Caddis(birds nest, soft hackles, graphic caddis, prince nymph) annelids(rock and san juan worms) BWO baetis (phesant tails, RS2, Mayhem midge)


Miracle Mile 2800ish cfs

Flow in real time

The Skinny

Everything is little behind this year.  with water temperatures in the 40s the trout just started spawning. Bugs are on the move thick midge and baetis hatches are ramping up bringing the fish up in the water column.  Just not quite on top.

Bugs to float: N/A

Bugs to pull:   Thin Mints, spiders, goldee etc big bugs seem to be working best on the SWING

Bugs to drift:  Midges (zebra, mayhems, ju ju)  annelids( rock and san juan worms)  scuds(tan, olive, orange, yellow ), leeches and eggs……